We love the unpolluted and unspoiled beaches, the greenery, and the spaciousness, we love the wild mountain and the natural beauty, we love the tranquillity and the virgin nature. Things that mass tourism cannot offer us, and spectacular concrete projects threaten to take those things from us forever and leave all this beauty only in the stories of our mothers and fathers.
As people who have a personal need to practice this kind of tourism and recreation, we have started a series of projects with which we strive to identify such pure and untouched oases of civilization – in which we can enjoy the unknown for many but breathtaking nature of Bulgaria.

We invite you to discover the first such oasis – become part of Amazing Tyulenovo!

Buying one of our functional summer villas, located in small neatly closed complexes, you get the opportunity to spend your summer vacation in one of the few preserved natural oases on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. A place free from noise, dirt, overcrowding, stress, lack of parking space, lack of space – personal or otherwise. You will get your own place from which you can easily dive into unforgettable adventures – exploring the historical and archaeological monuments of the lesser-known ancient civilisations that inhabited these lands, the contemplation of the strange but wonderful animal species that live in the virgin nature of the area, the unique rock and cave formations, to have fun with cliff diving in the crystal clear sea water, scubadiving, enjoy rock climbing the rich and varied fishing experience, the delicious and authentic local dishes of fish and natural vegetables, show your kids something different from the standard double room and “all-inclusive” restaurants…

By doing a quick research on popular holiday sites like booking.com, you can easily find that every accommodation is almost sold out early in the summer season. What is more genuine that for people disgusted with the boring and often strenuous mass tourism to want to spend their summer holiday in a place like Тюленово? The constantly growing demand for this type of holiday experience and the very limited supply of overnight stays in such untouched natural landscapes make the purchase in some of our complexes a promising investment, with the possibility of more flexible management for it to be self-paid in a medium-term plan.